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'.‘..Her sultry and poignant singing tends to have a hypnotic effect on an audience…’ Nick Smith, Charleston City Paper.


''..Behar delivered the songs, which in Spanish must have revolved around love, longing and exile, freedom and death, etcetera, without weeping all over the place. We got the poignancy without the puddles. Her voice was clear, comfortable and solid ; always in range without any sense of strain..' Stephen Malagodi


‘..Ladino singer Susana Behar, flamenco guitarist Jose Luis Rodriguez, and dancer Niurca Marquez's worldly fusion, exploring the roots of Spanish and Jewish music culture, left the crowd awestruck…’ Jacob Katel, Miami New Times


‘..Together, Behar and Rodriguez created a captivating experience for their audience..’ Jon Santiago, Charleston City Paper


‘..Susana’s music can be classified as folk art music… her sultry voice and style are a perfect foil for these spellbinding songs, some of which evoke a Portuguese Fado mood. Since I could not follow the words of the songs, the music came across as exotic and a bit mysterious…’ Manny Meland,’


’Susana’s background puts her in the position of performing this music as ‘one of the folk’, with an incredible voice and artistic spirit. One can hear the origins of the flamenco sound, combining with Middle Eastern and North African influences. This is truly a diverse musical language, as diverse as the wanderings of the Sephardic Jews.. Susana Behar sets the standard for the performance of this material…’ Steve Rosenberg, Chair Music Department – College of Charleston.


…’Her dedication and professionalism comes through in every performance. In Susana’s emotional and melodic voice it reaches unprecedented artistic beauty…’ Mayte de la Torre, Centro Cultural Español - Miami, Fl

‘..At all times, her impeccably fine taste, acute sense of a song’s meaning and wonderful feel for the song’s style are immediately apparent. Her stage presence can only be described as heavenly…’ Dr. Alan Mason, Barry University

'One splendid and beautiful moment was Mizrahi's performance of "Adio Kerida" with Susana Behar Levy, a singer in Miami. Behar Levy was also sensational performing traditional Sephardic music alongside guitarist Jose Luis Rodriguez'. Sergio Carmona

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